4 thoughts on “Crime and colonialism: Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None [Video]

  1. Your video analysis of Agatha Christie/And Then There Were None was amazing and incredibly helpful to me. It made me check out more of your cinematic criticism content, and then reading that you were taking a break from videos made me sad (you are SO good, I felt like I was in film school again!) – but reading that you’re even more inspired with new life directions was a positive spin on the bittersweet news, so whatever direction your life takes, I just wanted to acknowledge your great work (something I typically never do), and send you kudos for such amazing creative effort and insights so far. If nothing else, the marvel of the web is that it can serve as a magnet for like-minded folks to share ideas – and yours were inspired. THANK YOU!!


  2. Hello, I am writing my bachelor thesis about ‘Transformation of And then there were none adaptations’ at Metropolitan university in Prague. I would like to refer some of your points that you made. Could you please write me your full name for reference or book/study that you are using for your claims. Altough I think that it is your analysis so I would like to reference you. Thank you very much.


    1. That sounds awesome, Lukáš! Will you please send me your thesis when you’re done? I’d absolutely love to read it. Of course you can cite my video. The only sources I used were Christie’s novel (obvs) and the New Yorker article linked in the video description. My full name is Margarita Georgitseas. Cheers 🙂


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