Understanding Spirited Away: Consumption and Identity [New link]

Hi all! I’ve been getting lots of requests to reupload the Spirited Away video that got taken down months ago (Studio Ghibli being infamous for that sort of thing as you may know). I lost the original file but luckily, a viewer sent me a link to an archive version of the video! Thank you so much, mustelbazi! [Update: here’s a download link.]

I tried to upload it to Vimeo but within minutes of doing so I found my account was shut down (Ghibli don’t play). But at least I have a copy on my hard drive so if anything happens to the archive version, I can find some way to reupload.

Either way, I’m so grateful to have recovered this video. It’s one of my favorites and probably the one that seems to speak to the most people. Thank you all for hanging in there.